The Christmas Spryte Encounter: Picture with Santa

A young boy is terrified each year when he must get his picture taken with Santa. See how he manages to conquer his fear after a visit from a tiny elf named Ella S. Pluck. She not only lists things he can do to lessen his anxiety, but she sends him a valuable gift when he concentrates and thinks of her. Look up the word “pluck” in your dictionary and understand why this name fits Ella perfectly.

The Christmas Spryte Encounter: Package Peeking

Christmas presents under the tree are not to be touched until Christmas morning. But a boy named Patrick continues to hide beneath the branches of the Christmas tree and tear open packages to see what is inside…until the Peeking Police pay him a rather harsh visit to tell him he will only get a bundle of switches for Christmas unless he can leave the presents alone. Can Patrick stop peeking? Caution: This story contains magic and fairy dust!

The Christmas Spryte Encounter: Bad Behavior

Santa doesn’t bring presents to children who misbehave. And one young girl is displaying behavior that is the worst! In fact, on Christmas Eve her horrible actions trigger a visit from Glynt P. Spryte, a behavioral elf, who tells her she’s been marked off the Nice List! Time is running out, and she must change her miserable manners before Christmas morning, or she will not receive any presents! Can she possibly become a nice girl by Christmas?

The Christmas Spryte Encounter: Second Chance

A 9-year-old boy is teased unmercifully at school about believing in Santa. He tries to take out his frustration on his little brother; but the Second Chance elf arrives and sternly warns him that a hickory switch is all he will get for Christmas unless he can change his behavior. Will he be able to overcome his friends’ derision and protect his little brother?